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Irwell. Gain an advantage by crowning your enemy. (8x10, Cells: 80) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on Fri, Dec 11, 2009 11:11 PM UTC:
When and how to continue tackling Gilman more fully? We worked 1/4 the way publicly through Man & Beasts so far and have to finish them. The irony is that the generic Gilman CV is the superior game to play than typical Betza and therefore most others, while few Gilmans yet appear at Game Courier or other server. Now Betza after year 2000 is mostly entertainment, face it. Almost every CVPage-sponsored Betza during this ending decade, Betza himself says approximately: ''I've not played it,'' or ''It may be playable.'' Or even words to the effect ''It's not a good CV to play'' right there in the text. What an argument for proliferation! Whereas I find Gilman has actually worked through the kinks better than recent Betzas. Chess Different Armies, Avalanche, and earlier Betzas are in their own league, not being referred to now. Partly because Gilman is 'x' many decades younger than Betza accounts for the difference in style of production within this closing one and only decade of proliferaton. I always thought it fishy Betza left July 2003 the very month Game Courier went up.  Betza in his early 60s probably had lost some his playing skills after sounding off on them. Pride goeth before the fall.
Let's start with one little triumph of understanding, our analysis before of Irwell linked above and below too in these regular non-thread comments.