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Relocation Chess. Swap a pair of your own pieces before you begin. With Fischer Random castling rules.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2009-05-03 UTC
That probably explains it; I don't think that at that time a standard for FRC had emerged.

Anyway, the following system seems a very satisfactory way to handle drops, substitutions and swaps in SAN, as SAN makes distinction between captures and non-captures:

non-capture to empty square (e.g. Kf1): normal move
capture to occupied square (e.g. Kxf1): normal capture, or capture of own pieces
non-capture to occupied square (e.g. Kf1): swap mentioned piece with whatever was on the to-square
drop to empty squuare (e.g. [email protected]): drop from holdings
drop to occupied square (e.g. [email protected]): substitution, whatever was on drop-square goes back into holdings
warp move (e.g. @@e4): whatever was on drop-square goes into holdings, leaving an empty square
suicide (e.g. @xe4): e4 is made empty, what was on it disappears.