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Mortal Chessgi. A Chessgi game in which captures reduce material. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2009-04-01 UTC
One way to represent all possible pieces would be with 32 identical dice. They could be placed with faces parallel to the cell edges for one player and at 45° to them for the other. 1 would represent Pawn, 2 Knight, and so on upward.
	This could also be applied to Mortal Shogi, but with 40 dodecahedral dice. In that case the top face could be treated as the conventional (though irregular) pentagon that Shogi pieces are with a side facing its own player and a corner the enemy. Of course faces 11 and 12 would nveer be needed. Face 10 would be used only for array Kings, which would stay at that number - likewise face 6 in Mortal Chessgi.
	That gives me an idea for further variants. Start with either array, use dodecahedral dice for capturable pieces and something completely different for Kings, and have pieces return by the Mortal Shogi sequence but with the 'missing' Chessgi pieces inserted appropriately. Intuitive positions are Queen at the top, Knight just below Bishop, and Pawn second to bottom - numbers 12, 7, and 2 on the dice with other pieces upped by 1 or 2. Pawns would be promoted to Queen (possibly with the alternative of Knight as Knights are also unpromotable) and the rest as in standard Shogi. As Queens would have so far to fall before being lost, these variants might be called Vivat Regina Chessgi and Vivat Regina Shogi.