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The Game of Three Friends. A variant on Chinese Chess for three players. (Cells: 135) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Yu Ren Dong wrote on Sun, Mar 15, 2009 11:38 AM UTC:

I never see the abovementioned variant before. There are so many Chinese who ever invented thier variants.

As I know, I don't know the pattern of ancient Sanguo Qi or Siguo Xiangqi.  In Modern China,  Sanguo Qi or Siguo Xiangqi are often invented many times. Many people think themselfs as the first inventor of  those variants... :)

One of relatively cretive Modern Sanguo Qi is Èý‡ø¤T°êºt«³ Sāngu?yǎny? 

Normal three players Chess with the following exceptions:\\
1. Horses and Elephant have no trap. Since there is no river, Soldiers are promotted. 

2. Cannons are not allowed to move into other player's territory at every player's first move.

3. There is a neutral country called 'º~'(Han), not moving, not belonging to three player until Regicide or Ally. Han has three Chariots, one Cannon, and one General named Emperor Xian of Han. 

4. There are three yellow spots in the Han's palace. Every spot denotes evey closer-distant player respectivly. 

5. Ally: A horse can step one yellow spot denoting other players to ally until the other player is destroy. Simultaneously, the other player will get perpetually the control of Han at once.

6. Regicide :A horse can capture Emperor Xian of Han to get perpetually the control of Han. Simultaneously, other two players will ally at once.