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Lions and Dragons Chess. Hexagonal variant. Dragons carry a ball to the goal while Wizards avoid capture. (Cells: 84) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2002-12-14 UTC
Phil, thanks for your questions:

1. What are the rules for creating/dropping Proto-dragons? Is there a
limit to the number that a player can create during the game, or can be
the board at one time? A: That's an omission. Proto-Dragons are dropped on
any empty hex during a player's turn. Up to 20 can be dropped per side.

2. What effect do the 'Lion' spaces (holes in the board) have on the
movement of Rocs? Are they allowed to pass over them? I would imagine,
given the very limited movement of the Rocs, that they could be severly
restricted if not allowed to 'fly' over them. A: The non-hexes may not be
landed upon, but otherwise do not affect movement.

3. Should the outer movement of the Dragon, out 2 spaces then 1 left or
right, be considered a jumping move? That is, the intervening spaces can
be occupied and not block movement? The diagram seems to indicate this. A:
Yes, its a jumping move.

4. According to the description, a Fireball can move up to 4 spaces
the opponent gets their move. ('Upon being shot off it moves two hexes.'
and 'If the Fireball is not removed for one of the above reasons, it is
moved in the direction it started two hexes between the White and Black
turns.') Is this correct? Also, 'Shot off by the Wizard' means it starts
in the Wizard's hex? Is there a limit to the number of Fireballs on the
board or created by a Wizard during the game? A: Yes, the Fireball starts
in the Wizard's hex, then moves 2 hexes. Then it moves one hex between the
White/Black moves and another hex between the Black/White moves. So
actually it only moves 2 hexes before the opponent gets their move upon
being shot off. After that, it only moves 1 hex before the opponent gets
their move. The Wizard can shoot an unlimited number of Fireballs during a

Using the non-hexes as a handicapping factor is an interesting idea.
Thanks. Regarding how Chess-like the game is, that's for you to decide!