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Cannons and Crabs. A variant on a 7x6 board with Crabs (improved Pawns), and Cannons (leapers). (7x6, Cells: 42) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on Thu, Jun 12, 2008 04:58 PM UTC:Good ★★★★
The names of all the games should become familiar even if not having time to play each one. David Short is pretty good prolificist from the CVP middle years. Very experimental, evinced for one point in extreme variability of board sizes from this never-commented Cannons and Crabs' 42 squares to DoubleEIGHTEEN-STONE's 144. Also please re-acquaint with Black Hole, Double Chess, Elbow Chess, Existentialist, Mini-Slanted Excalator, Schizophrenic, Slanted Escalator, Spinal Tap, Spinal Tap Chess Redux, Spinal Tap vs. Terror, Trubix, Trubix-43, and Ultra Slanted Escalator. Novel boards and totally-inspired piece-types frequent Short's reportory. Look at the wild connectivity in the Slanted ones. Look at Schizophrenic's Bobber, which changes its movement-rule each time it moves; and the Left Schizzy and Right Schizzy whose moves rest on whether being on the right- or left-sides. Two Pawn-types here, Pawns and Crabs, promote to classical-Carrera 'Centaur'(BN) or 'Champion'(RN) -- the key to Cannons and Crabs because so powerful promotees.