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Fantasy Grand Chess: Dwarven Army. Dwarven Army. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Paulowich wrote on 2007-05-06 UTC
A while ago I dreamed up the War Horse, moving
[1] like a Wazir
[2] like a Ferz
[3] like a Wazir to an empty square, followed by an outward Ferz move
[4] like a Ferz to an empty square, followed by an outward Wazir move.

NOTE: Horse (Mao) in Chinese Chess = [3] and Moa in Fairy Chess = [4]. 
More powerful than my piece is Peter Hatch's General [W2F2nN], 
moving to 8 more squares.  Going to the same squares is Adrian King's 
Hawklet, which moves like a 2-step Commoner [WF].  This piece has 
the advantage of taking 3 different paths: e2-d3-e4, e2-e3-e4, e2-f3-e4. 
The first and third paths are 2-step Ferz moves, which can also be used 
by the Priest [F2zF2].  Recently I have designed games using the 
Priest, under the name War Elephant.  Note that Peter Hatch does not 
imply that his General includes all the features of his Priest.  Most 
powerful of all is the Lion from CHU SHOGI.