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Blizzard ChessA story, poem or other fictional work
. What would Chess be like if it had been developed by the computer industry?[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Peter Aronson wrote on 2005-06-30 UTC
How did you deal with: <blockquote> <b>Patch 1.12</b> <p> Pawns have become too powerful, so we have altered the behavior of the Knight. From now on a Knight may capture a Pawn belonging to the opponent by jumping over it, as well as by landing upon it. This new ability may be used to allow a Knight to capture 2 pieces per turn. Jump Captures may only be performed on Pawns, and no other piece, and cannot be used to place the opponent's King in Check. </blockquote> Since the Knight's path is not defined? Also, if I understand the restriction 'cannot be used to place the opponent's King in Check', that forbids removing a Pawn to create discovered check -- isn't that kind of tricky to test for with Zillions? <p> I'd be interesting in looking at the ZRF . . .