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Comments by Jeff Cornell

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Delta-Nabla Chess. Chess translated to a triangular grid as naturally as possible.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jeff Cornell wrote on 2021-10-21 UTC

You understand correctly. Whether it's a feature or a bug is a matter of opinion I suppose. Pawns potentially getting stuck with only capturing moves is a natural consequence of a hexagonal board with players at opposite edges. Playtesting is probably the best way to determine whether that's an interesting new strategic consideration or just a nuisance.

If it is just a nuisance, then in place of castling, Delta-Nabla's own cludgy rule should probably be to give pawns the option of moving (without capturing) in the obliquely forward rook directions whenever they're not in a position to promote by moving directly forward, or perhaps only when the directly forward option is impossible due to reaching the board edge.

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