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Comments by Javier Lizarzaburu

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XYMYX. Players make their moves at the same time. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Javier Lizarzaburu wrote on 2005-06-28 UTC
XYMYX is a computer aided game, in it's essence is a commercial variant
of chess. The game is available for a testing period at
The simultaneous check mate is an importat rule of XYMYX, because it
awards the player of fastest thinking (it is a consequence of the rule
'two pieces in the same empty square')

Javier Lizarzaburu wrote on 2005-01-26 UTC
Roberto, En general no se necesita más de 30 segundos para entrar al Web de
Estoy tratando de imaginar porque tienes porblemas ingresando.
Cuentame cuales son las características de tu maquina y conexión.

Javier Lizarzaburu wrote on 2005-01-25 UTC
Fabrice, I am quite curious about what you say. I started to investigate
and I couldn’t find any real proof of the existence of synchronous chess
before July 2002.
As a matter of fact, there’s someone else who claims to be the inventor of
synchronous chess. (
I don’t want to start a controversy about it. I opened an email account
where you or anyone can send information that can proof the date of
invention of the mentioned game: [email protected]

I would like to explain the a couple of things about XYMYX:

1)	There are no issues regarding simultaneity and the case when two pieces
land in the same empty square.
2)	About the feature of capturing your own pieces, I would like to explain
that capturing a piece in a simultaneous move is really hard. For Example,
let’s suppose that the black queen is in c6, you move white rook to C6 to
try to capture the queen but the queen isn’t there anymore. With the
possibility to capture your own pieces you can prepare yourself against an
eventual attack of an aggressive piece.
3)	About the Frozen Queen: With the simultaneity feature the aggressive
pieces become more powerful, specially the Queen. If that rule didn’t
exist, the game would be about who captures the opponent’s queen first.

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