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🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on 2023-01-12 UTC

Very nice that you can simplify your stalemate routine in the fairychess include file

It was more extensive than one routine, and it wasn't about simplifying it. As my previous comment indicated, this was about removing the cause of error in that routine and others with similar code. The problem was that using two separate variables for storing the legal moves had allowed bugs to creep into existing code.

but please don't do it in such a way that it breaks presets of others through changing the underlying behaviour of GAME code or Game Courier.

I kept on top of what needed to be fixed, and I fixed everything in a timely manner. There was some delay in fixing betza.txt, because it is not in the includes directory, and I didn't see the bug report on it until my computer was off, and I was in bed with my Likebook Mars. Now that you're an editor, I suggest that you move betza.txt to the /includes/ directory and replace the other ones with stubs that just include it from the includes directory.

So if you want an array that contains the legal moves as text rather than coordinates, and also contains special moves, just give it a new name, and use it by that name in the user code

What I wanted was for the $legalmoves array to contain all the legal moves, because various stalemated subroutines were using setlegal to build a list of legal moves and then checking whether there were any legal moves by checking the count of $legalmoves with a line like this:

return cond count system legalmoves false true;

The bug I described earlier was caused by splitting the legal moves between two variables. The $extralegal array was a kludge I created for the sake of storing some legal moves as strings while storing other legal moves as coordinate pairs. However, I was combining them into a new array called $legalList for use with forms and JavaScript, and this array listed all legal moves as strings. Creating another array would not have helped with anything.

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