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Jörg Knappen wrote on Sun, Jan 1 07:24 AM UTC in reply to Georgi Markov from Fri Oct 14 2022 09:24 AM:

@Georgi Markov

Thanks for your publication on Sultansspiel and Kaiserspiel, and special thanks for publishing it in an open access journal. Now I finally know where that ominous "Ludwig Tressau" comes from.

However, I think that the common publishing place Leipzig is not suitable to draw far-reaching conclusions: At that time, Leipzig was the hub of German book publication and had the largest concentration of publication houses all over Germany. Also, Ludwig is the most probable expansion of the initial L. and may be an interpolation by Oettinger. The second most probable expansion would be Louise or Luise, a feminine name, and the fact that the author hides consistently behind the initial makes this possibility even more probable.

Having said this, Tressan is an extremely rare surname in Germany, and Tressau is even more obscure. I searched some huge databases of personal names (telephone directory and DNB Normdatei) and Tressan occurs once or twice, but Tressau has no hits at all. It should be feasible to identify that specific "L. Tressan/L. Tressau" using genealogical databases without sifting through too many hits.

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