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This page is written by the game's inventor, Charles Daniel.

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H. G. Muller wrote on 2022-11-26 UTC

That is no good. PRE tags are typically used for no other reason than to preserve indentations. The CkEditor adds such tags in WYSIWYG mode when you select 'formatted text' in the 'layout' pulldown. (I am guessing the English names, as I see them in Dutch; it is the control left of the question mark.) What you have done would cause every existing submission that relies on it to get utterly destroyed upon editing. And what about JavaScript embedded in the page? The CkEditor doesn't add any whitespace there; it is smart enough to only do that in HTML code where it knows the whitespace will be ignored.

Indiscriminately destroying the existing explicitly requested layout when you happen to load and resubmit an article for making an innocent change elsewhere basically makes the submission form unusable. In particular, I could no longer use it to replace a static setup image by an Interactive Diagram without running a large risk to irreversibly damage the page. And this holds for all editing jobs by CVP editors.

Please revert this as quickly as possible. The adding of whitespace can be annoying in exceptional circumstances. (E.g. I had to adapt the parser of the Interactive Diagram to remove the leading whitespace, as the Diagram's definition is within HTML tags.) But it is not nearly as bad as removing whitespace in the far more common case where the user explicitly requested it. It is far easier to delete whitespace you don't want than to add whitespace that got erroneously deleted, as you would not always know exactly how much whitespace there originally was, and where. The most important property of an edit function is that when you activate it, alter nothing, and save, that you have not altered anything, and certainly not anything essential.

I think the best solution to the addition of leading whitespace in textareas that are used as input for Game Courier is to have Game Courier itself strip off such whitespace. Just as I have done for the Interactive Diagram.

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