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Kevin Pacey wrote on 2019-01-27 UTC

I've recently made two lists for the Canadian Chess Federation (CFC) Discussion Board website, in a thread I started there about chess variants. The first list had a lot of relatively popular chess variants played in the world at large on it, from shogi to Seirawan Chess (similar to the list I recently gave in another CVP thread, i.e. Ideas for future of chess variants). I also gave a dozen chess variants seperately as examples of distinctive, weird and wonderful CVs, which I thought all seemed fairly playable, yet generally not having too many rules or highly unusual board shapes (as taken from my own long [approx. 130] CVP list of personal favorites). This list of 12 may seem too arbitrary, but I thought I'd share it in case it inspires, or has some value otherwise that I didn't anticipate. Anyway, if I one day could choose to rank some of my favorites as higher than the rest, perhaps this bunch would be close to the top, regardless of whether I currently play all of them well, or at all:

1. Alice Chess;

2. Altair;

3. Backlash;

4. Chaturanga - Four Kings - Double Mate;

5. Chess with Different Armies;

6. Clockwork Orange Chess;

7. Knightmare Chess;

8. Kriegspiel;

9. Maxima;

10. Pocket Mutation Chess;

11. Rococo;

12. Storm the Ivory Tower.

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