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George Duke wrote on 2018-02-01 UTC

Last month was the eleventh anniversary of this the 19th and penultimate Chess Morality.  They celebrate that

there are four and only four fundamental Chess pieces.  I may do another series in the twenties upcoming.  The original Moralities 1200-1500 were by various authors, John of Waleys, Alexander of Hales, Jacobus de Cessolis.  They were based on all six regular pieces but Pawns were treated eightfold as farmer, sailor, smiths, merchants, taverners.  Each would actually have two or three tags: Pawn 2 for example "smythis and other werkers in yron and metall."

'The Innocent Morality' attained its final form amplified with other polemics only in 1429 -- and about 60 years later the across-the-board Bishop quickly became part of Chess, not just in the occasional variant where it birthed.  In IM, the predecessor "Aufins move and take obliquely because every bishop misused his office through cupidity," but that means only the well-known fixed two-step jump.  

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