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Charles Gilman wrote on 2003-05-11 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Further to my last comment, this has given me an idea for a further development of Chess without pawns. This would involve a 4fx12r board with 1st rank MQKM, 2nd rank RCCR, 3rd rank NBBN, where M represents a Marshal (Rook+Knight) and C a Cardinal (Bishop+Knight). This would have the usual problems of Carrera et al regarding standard sets, but could easily be played with cards following a rule of powers of 2. 1=King's square colour, 2=Knight, 4=Diagonal, 8=Orthogonal. This could extend to four players (because of four suits) on what I term a 'Fivequarters' board - two 4x12 boards intersecting in the middle, total squares 80. While the Bishops 3 squares apart could be mutually protected by the 'one foot in the grave' rule about not passing through a corner of only three squares, those 4 squares apart would have to be separated by neutrals (represented by Jokers) at the corners of the intersection, which anyone could capture. A further rule that captured pieces get replaced by pieces of the captor's suit not already on the board could bring in Aces. These would naturally move as Queen+Knight - exactly as in Cardmate!

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