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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, George Duke.

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George Duke wrote on 2015-11-24 UTC
Thanks for these 3 separate status CVs , 8- 9- and 10-square as 10% of what is in fact published since August. Unfortunately for whatever reason there is no wording at all in the blank email about recent Septimal Chess, and there is no menu "under my name" to see that hidden game. Could you put the address here so I can edit a feature changing it practically in entirety to having a Moveable Road?

I see Ben's point of not duplicating the Rules for all board sizes so I will stop with the three 9x9, 10x10 and 8x8 already existing.

There is material in 7x7 Septimal that is more for Reference article on 7x7 CVs including Gilman's Pink P., Tori Shogi, and Freeling's 7x7 Congo. I think to do a series of reference articles each for a different board size, because I realized that over 90% of CVs are on only a dozen sizes (ignoring 8x8 as trivial). But Septimal I would hope to keep as a Game, if I can access it, with the major change (I was reserving for 11-square or 12-square), that each turn there is option to move a Road Square. That latter of course is prohibited in this 9x9 Nonal of fixed Road. Anyway, Reference or 4th WoO CV, there are many other new Mutator CVs in comments of "91.5 Trillion" I hope to broadcast, transformed from Comments not the other way round, as separate CVs, and some may have Double Mutator including Road feature. Yet this YBR Mutator of modified Double Move variety should be the leading effective one and may deserve game status on downsized 49 squares if only for present convenience. Still then, short-term solution is modifying 7x7 with option to move a square (like only couple other CVs such as quite different mutator-operative Warp Point), making the 49-form quite unique in itself, and there being only four(4) then CV games of Wizard of Oz, as end of the basic project -- the follow-ups to be Reference-inclusive.

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