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Charles Gilman wrote on 2011-04-15 UTC
When I expanded this page to maximum coordinate 8 I drew the line at 8:8:n leapers (n less than 8), but now I realise that I may have been making a mountain out of a forward-only 2:1:1 and 3:1:0 compound leaper (see above). The even-n ones are generated anyway by Man and Beast 07 rules as 8:8:2 Nrine, 8:8:4 Niltrap, and 8:8:6 Rhorolais, leaving only 4 odd-n ones, but filling this gap would require another chain of renamings like the 2009 one. The reason for this is that as well as all four SOLLs dividing by 4 with remainder 1, those of the 8:8:1, 8:8:5, and 8:8:7 hypotenuse pieces of the Fieldmouse/Flittermouse, Dieter/Dipper, and Broadwayman/10:3:3 leaper. Now there are already remainder-1 leapers with two of those first consonant/vowel combinations - the 8:7:4 Filcher and 8:6:3 Driberyl. Now Filcher could always go over to 8:8:1 and 8:7:4 become Pilferer to go with Prizemouse and Pipistrelle. Driberyl I'm stuck with, as it would require replacing Lyrebird for 10:3:0 qwith a bird neither ending with bird nor starting with an already-used combination.
	That leaves the option of changing the 7:1:1 Dieter, ideally with something equally contrasting with the 5:5:1 Feaster and 7:7:2 Dipper. The established Flamingo rules out Faster, but Slimmer would require only the removal of Isis, which so far appears to be used only as the name of a variant, not a piece in one. It occurred to me that I might get rid of the Ixion as well. This gave me the following plan of action:
	1: Use Pilferer to free up Filcher. At the same time replace Molerat, as there is a bit of a gap between its SOLL of 49 and teh 43-45 of the other first-range rodent names. Thus:
Filcher/Recoil	=>	Pilferer/Plot
Molerat/Secret	=>	Sceptic/Doubt
	2: Use the Molerat and another rodent name that I havetoyed with using - Hystrix, a kind of porcupine - for the non-square root-65 pieces, freeing up the Isis slot for Slimmer and getting rid of my coinage of Yramid (from Ledge, Pledge, and Pyramid). Thus:
Isis/Pledge	=>	Molerat/Secret
Ixion/Yramid	=>	Hystrix/Quill
	3: Replace the Dieter-Dipper pair. The forward-only name remains equally applicable to Slimmer as to Dieter. Thus:
Dieter/Lank	=>	Slimmer/Lank
Dipper/Eddie	=>	Skimmer/Shave
	4: Add in the 8:8:n ones, while also changing the FO Filcher's name to one based more on that rather than its Flincher predecessor. Thus:
8:8:1			Filcher/Fraud
8:8:5			Shirker/Skive
8:8:7			Obfuscator/Obstacle
	There are two flies in the ointment: I still haven't devised names either for the symmetric/FO 8:8:3 leapers (SOLL 137) or to replace Disparu for what will be Slimmer+Skimmer. If anyone had any idea I'll gladly read them. In the meantime I will go ahead with stages 1 and 2.

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