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George Duke wrote on 2009-12-05 UTC
Tutti-Frutti is not one of them, but Brainking has plenty of Carrera-Capa compound opportunities. Amazon is super-Carrera compound of B+N+R. Of Brainking's 37 Chess CVs, plenty for its 88,725 members, only 200-250 are ever online at a time, there are Janus, Embassy, Amazon, Maharajah, Grand and Capablanca Random Chess each having at least one of the 3 classics. Said before, Scharnagl's CRC should lay to rest the need for any more personalized Carrera-Cabablancas. If you think of one, the right thing is humbly to attribute to to Capa and Bird and Carrera. Rococo and Carrera-Capablanca juxtaposed in the side comment are appropriate, because of their unbalanced arrays. Unbalanced arrays are not rare but infrequent, what, maybe only 7%, 10% -- excluding K-Q and Q-K aspect. In Rococo case it works for the several interesting pieces I, S, C, and W, all of which anyway move as Queen but capture differently. In Carrera-Capablanca case the imbalance fails, because it is an outside intellectual construct forcibly introduced to the board. Nice idea, bad result from the year 1617 or so, nearing 400 years.

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