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George Duke wrote on Sat, Jul 18, 2009 05:33 PM UTC:
''In two words: IM-POSSIBLE'' --Samuel Goldwyn
The collosal four Dawson, Boyer, Parton and Betza. Betza was the last-gasp meteor for couple decades until his retirement in 2003. The glory years of chess variations were pre-Betza 1910-1970, with depth and discretion; and 1951 here chanced to see Boyer's Football Chess and death of Dawson.  Boyer, followed closely by Betza has the most full rules-sets in 1994 'ECV'. Internet's emergence brought steady declining interest in chess variants. The genre had shifted after Parton to personalized artistic chess expressions, and they still had back-alley corner within site CVPage. However, more and more the idiosyncratic alternatives gave way instead to considered Ortho-replacements like FRC and Gothic Chess and Circular Chess and many others. After all, there was compelling societal need to fill as the result of computer onslaught on 64 squares.
''There still remain three studies suitable for free men. Arithmetic is one of them.'' --Plato

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