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George Duke wrote on Fri, Jun 5, 2009 07:40 PM UTC:
We asked last week about existing CVs in genre of plural promotion. No takers yet since the mindset of variantists is innocently more anti-historical than anti-social. Actually there are many of them before innovative but poorly-embodied Tamerspiel and copycat poor Pocket Mutation both winter 2002-2003. Here in IO Chess is one example. Rook is promoted to Castle upon castling, gaining Alfil and Trebouchet ability (2- and 3-diagonal leaps together with Rook option). Then ''regular'' promotion of the promotee ''Castle'' itself at the regular last, or next to last, rank adds Knight ability; and that piece shall be called Fortress. Double promotion, first upon castling then still more power once the intermediate piece called Castle gets to the end opposite and becomes Fortress. There are several other piece, not Pawn, promotions within IO. I think there will be dozen of these plural, or serial, promoting CVs before adequate Tamerspiel.

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