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Joe Joyce wrote on 2006-11-06 UTC
I think this is a rather nice game. Of course I'm prejudiced; it clearly
fits the ShortRange Project. But I can't rate it because it has
precedents and close relatives that Christine Bagley-Jones and I, among
others, have designed. I reference 'Modern Shatranj', posted at this
site, and its shatranj to chess discussion, especially steps 4 and 5 and
Roberto Laviere's piece suggestion for the guard. With Roberto's 2-step
general, step 5 is 'Combo Modern Day Chess'. The game mentioned for step
4 is 'Hypermodern Shatranj' which was released last weekend. You can find
that ZRF and a number of closely-related others at the Zillions site under
recent releases as 'The ShortRange Project'. Short descriptions of the
released games may be found on this site at the end of the
recently-released Piecelopedia article 'The ShortRange Project'. [Sorry
I've been slow in getting pages posted here.]
With that all said, I do think this is a rather nice game. And it's to be
expected that extremely similar or identical games will show up more and
more often. Glad to see someone else is looking at shortrange pieces.
Welcome to the discussion. [And you might want to use either the
double-guard or queen-2-slider icon for the guard piece in your preset,
just to prevent confusion - at least, I always screw up when icons are
used for different pieces.] Enjoy.

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