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David Short wrote on Sat, Jul 15, 2006 03:23 PM UTC:
Greg, when players play games by email on Richard's PBM Server,
everytime that someone makes a move (by sending in the move in the 
subject line of an email to [email protected] the body of the email
used for sending comments to your opponent), the server sends out an
ASCII diagram to both players showing the updated position and the last
few moves played. Doublechess is one of the easiest chess variants to
set up in real life. All you need is two chess sets of identical size.
Replace the 2nd set of kings with a 3rd set of queens. If you don't have
a 3rd set of queens, use common household items like coins or salt and
shakers to represent them until they get captured. Also ZILLIONS OF GAMES
is great for recording and analysing doublechess positions--- the
doublechess files for ZILLIONS OF GAMES can be downloaded for free and
linked to doublechess' rules page on this site. I have been playing on
Richard's PBM server for years. One of the advantages of playing on that
site is that all games become rated, thus players can achieve ratings in
any game, much like one could have a chess rating. Play on the server is
very convenient once you get the hang of it. Why don't you sign up for a

free userid and password and then email me your userid to sign up?
Right now I'm organizing an Omegachess tournament on Richard's PBM
but it probably won't be long before I also announce a new
Doublechess tournament on the server too.

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