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This page is written by the game's inventor, Larry Smith.

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Gary Gifford wrote on 2005-12-18 UTC
L.L. Smith (inventor of this game) and I had discussued it via e-mail
briefly during its ZRF creation process. I was permitted to play-test it,
upon which I generally became confused and lost.  I enjoyed reading the
rules as they are similar to what could be expected to be found in a Mad
Magazine or National Lampoon.  I was about to create a piece clarification
table for myself (as I've done with Joe Joyce's Grand Shatranj Test) so I
could look at the piece image for move reference; but before doing so I
found an opening line to draw the ZRF in PCC.  I have offered my comments
to Larry via e-mail, and from his return e-mails I know he wonders what
others think of his highly original game.  So if you have time to look it
over, I am sure that Larry would greaty appreciate your comments.  P.S. I
still like his original Sigmun Freud Therapist piece more than the round
head with glasses piece, but as Larry pointed out to me, the former would 
be politically incorrect.

In regard to getting confused and losing a game, you may wonder how that
is possible.  The following partial extract from the actual rules may
clarify my brain's dilema, to a small degree:

'A player who has not any non-retired Average Individuals on the 
field at any time has deferred their victory of the game.'

I look forward to other comments and to potential reponses from the game
inventor.  Best regards to all.

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