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Gothic Chess is a game information page. It is categorized as: Two dimensional, Large board, Sold commercially.

Gothic Chess. A 10x8 variant using the same rules and equipment as Capablanca's Chess. (10x8, Cells: 80)

Author: Fergus Duniho. Inventor: Ed Trice.


Gothic Chess is a recent member of a long line of similar variants, including Carrera's Chess (1617), Bird's Chess (1874), and Capablanca's Chess (1920s). It is played with the same equipment and by the same rules as Capablanca's Chess, differing only in the initial arrangement of pieces. In 2002, Gothic Chess was given United States Patent #6481716. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, which has its patent number on a list of expired patents, the patent has expired.

This website maintains no affiliation with Gothic Chess or its creator.

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The board used for this game has 8 row(s), 10 column(s), 80 cells/squares.
This game is a 2 player game.
Invented in the year 2000. [1999-2001]. [1995-2005].

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