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Dune Chess is a game information page. It is categorized as: Two dimensional, In a category all its own, Each player has a different army. This item is located on a site outside of

Dune ChessA game information page
. Chess variant based on the Dune novels of Frank Herbert.

By Larry L. Smith.


Alex R. Kraaijeveld pointed out this neat game by L. Lynn Smith to us.

Smith introduced Dune Chess with:

When I first read Frank Hebert's 'Dune', I was amazed at the visual depth of the story. Every now and then, especially when I smell cinnamon, I see an ocean of sand beneath a clear sky of stars and two moons, I hear the static hiss of an approaching sandworm and the distant melody of a thumper.

I designed this simple board game to reflect the struggle to control Arrakis. I hope the reader finds joy in its appreciation.

18 Apr 2007: Link updated. Old link was:


Other Information

The board used for this game has 8 row(s), 8 column(s), 64 cells/squares.
This game is a 2 player game.
Invented in the year 2003. [2002-2004]. [1998-2008].

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