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Index S 2 to Man and Beast

Each entry starts with the name or prefix in capitals, linked to the Piececlopedia page if an established piece, followed by the plural in plain text if irregular. Then comes the geometry, with a link to the Man and Beast page - square also covers cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism, all covers those plus 2d hex and 2d/3d pentagonal ones, and hex covers xyrixa/hex-prism. Then comes the definition in plain text. The name's origin, if more than random and neither a Piececlopedia piece nor obvious, is in italics. Compounds of two oblique leapers always have one of a set of endings designed to avoid duplicate names for mixed-range and part-symmetric versions. Unless specified as royally-restricted a piece is capturable. The phrase "capturing as" means exclusively unless prefixed with "also". When a move can be "repeated" it means without capturing on any but the last instance. DQR stands for Defaulting to Queen (square) or Rook (hex). Names combining component names are marked ¢. FO pieces' symmetric counterparts are marked §.

New in 2016 under this combination of letters: Slide
New in 2015 under this combination of letters: Stitcher

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SLATE hex-prism FO 1:root 27 leaper, as what a voiceless Golem § uses to communicate.
SLCANNON hex-prism Cannoranker+Slingfiler if hex-ranked, Cannoleveller+Slingcolumner if hex-level, uses two letters of Eunuch to distinguish from Edabbaba.
SLEEP cubic FO 6:5:3 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Quirk, as what a Dormouse § is noted for doing a lot.
SLEIGH cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Elkrider+Dabbaba, as vehicle that can be pulled by deer.
SLEIPNIR cubic hex-prism Knight+Epoletna, as very fast mythical horse with twice usual number of legs.
SLICE xyrixa dual of FO 9:3:2 leaper, from something formed by Divider §.
SLIDE hex-prism Lurch+Trumstick as crucial part of Trombonist's § instrument.
SLIMMER cubic symmetric 7:1:1 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Skimmer, in contrast to Feaster with same SOLL.
SLING cubic/hex differs from Unicorn in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), as a weapon still weaker than the Arrow let alone the Cannon.
SLINGSTONE cubic/hex differs from Horn in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), as attribute of Sling §.
SLIPROAD cubic/hex-prism Epirts+Sump ¢.
SNAIL square/hex Dabchick+Wazirfiler+Pointcoward, from the shape of its moves, by analogy to Crab and Lobster.
SNOW- hex-prism adds Bellboy move to symmetric SD pieces, adds Ferz moves to Bellboywise pieces, and makes SD component of Sycophantwise pieces symmetric, in conjunction with names of other environments and natural phenomena.
SNOWGENERAL hex-prism Ferz+Bellboy.
SNOWMOBILE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Dabbarider+Elk, as powered vehicle that, in contrast to Sleigh, requires no deer or other draught animals.
SNOWRIDER hex-prism Bishop+Mediator.
SNOWYOWL hex-prism symmetric 3:root 31 leaper, in conjunction with 1:root 39 Tawnyowl sharing its SOLL.
SOAPER cubic FO 7:4:4 leaper, starts with reversed early letters of Opossum §, extrapolated from Runaround.
SOBERUP cubic Soaper+Daste ¢.
SOCIEDAD xyrixa/hex-prism Occult+Doubt ¢.
SOFTER hex-prism piece moving twice as far as the Snowyowl in the same directions, extrapolated from Hefter.
SOLENOID cubic/xyrixa Effarig+Slimmer ¢.
SOLICITOR hex-prism Horn+Host, as a traditionally lesser lawyer than a Barrister §.
SOLLERER cubic Unicorn+Zeique, extrapolated from Hollerer.
SOMEL square symmetric 9:5 leaper dual to the Stork, extrapolated from Camel.
SOOTHSAYER, SORCERER, SORCERESS hex-prism Bishop+Drunkard, Bishop+Dadaist, Queen+Drummer, in conjunction with Sacrificer.
SORORI- square combines the prefixes Woman- and Corner-, from subling rivalry and boxing corners.
SOSTEL, SOTEL cubic Rook+Zeique, Rook+Zenoe, extrapolated from Hostel, Hotel.
SOTSPUR square Stripe+Saste, extrapolated from Hotspur.
SOU square Stork+Somel ¢.
SOUCIE piece DQR all one limited to as many steps as there are, but not obstructed by intervening, pieces (themselves included) on the line.
SOVERCRAFT square Zebra+Zoetrope, extrapolated from Hovercraft.
SOW square/hex Wazir+Dabchick, from move suggesting snout protruding from pig.
SOYDEN square Queen+Zeique, extrapolated from Hoyden.
SPACECRAFT square Queen+Astronaut, as the vessel in which the latter travels.
SPACEMAN Spacemen, SPACEWOMAN Spacewomen cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Unicorn+Spear, Duchess+Spear, from Spear and a male-female pair of rôles.
SPARROW square Rook+Arrow, as a bird, by analogy to Rook, ending in -arrow.
SPARROWHEAD square Wing+Arrowhead, punning on Sparrow § and Arrowhead.
SPEAR square differs from Elephant in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), as a lesser headed projectile than an arrow.
SPEARHEAD square differs from Tusk in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), as attribute of a Spear §.
SPEARSMAN non-symmetric piece all one that can also make noncapturing moves in the opposite direction(s) to the standard piece's noncapturing move, from Centennial Chess.
SPEARTHROWER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Spear+Mill, as one using spear.
SPECTRE hex-prism symmetric 5:root 3 leaper, as weak piece with same SOLL as Semming.
SPHINX hex-prism Rook+Hydra, in conjunction with fellow monsters Fury, Gorgon, Gryphon, Harpy, Hydra, Lamia, Manticore, and Simurgh.
SPIV cubic Thug+Alpaca, EMD Merchantwise.
SPLITUP cubic Stripe+Epirts ¢.
SPOKESMAN Spokesmen, SPOKESWOMAN Spokeswomen hex-prism Princeling+Rumchick, Princess+Dilemma, in conjunction with Firstlady §, Premier §, and President.
SPORTSMAN Sportsmen, SPORTSWOMAN Sportswomen cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Horn+Spearthrower, Countess+Spearthrower, as lesser rôles than Space[wo]man§ with same start and end.
SPREAD cubic Soaper+Dardness ¢.
SPRILPACA, SPRINGBOK, SPRINGORA square 45° Ferz-Bitrebuchet and Wazir-Tripper alternators, EMDs Namelwise and Antelopewise, Springbok+Sprilpaca, first/third extrapolated from Alpaca/Angora.
SPRINTER, SPRINTFOLLOW-ER/-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN, SPRINT-ERESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN cubic/hex Wing+Horncoward and its further compounds with the same-rank moves respectively of the Sling/Cannonade/Arbalest/Arsenal/Cannon/Arrow/Tank, in conjunction with Sprinter.
SPURNER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Eunuch+Spear ¢.
SPY cubic Theorist+Technician+Reporter, from Gavin Smith's Prince.
SQUADRON cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Rook+Aviator, as a whole group of aircraft flying together.
SQUID cubic Snail+Lobster+Shrimp, as a modest addition to the Octopus which is just Lobster+Shrimp.
SQURREL square Knight+Alibaba.
SRAT square Vine+Vinerevisionist, extrapolated from Crab.
SREN hex Senhelm+Senherevisionist, extrapolated from Crab.
SRENE cubic symmetric 4:2:2 leaper, extrapolated from Crane.
SRTU hex Pupil+Pupilrevisionist, extrapolated from Crab.
STAFF square Wing+Spearhead, from Distaff §.
STAGGER cubic F.O. 8:5:4 leaper, in referemnce to a Dodderer §.
STAID hex-prism Satyr+Travesty ¢.
STAIN hex-prism FO 1:root 39 leaper, the Tawny of Tawnyowl § being a colour known heraldically as a stain.
STAKE cubic GO 5:1:1 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Tale, as might be used by Exorcist § against Zombie.
STALKER cubic 45° Elephant-Quibbler alternator, EMD Storkwise.
STALWART xyrixa/hex-prism Knight+Sennight ¢.
STANCE cubic FO 8:7:2 leaper, from immobility of the Bystnder §.
STANDFAST cubic Quirk+Stagger ¢.
STARBOARD LENGHTHENING, STARBOARD SHORTENING square a piece with its moves rotated 45° clockwise and multiplied, divided by root-2, as a nautical term for right, from the rightward bias of FO pieces so treated.
STARE cubic FO 8:7:3 leaper, xyrixa dual to the cubic Eson, from interest shown by Onlooker §.
STARGAZER hex-prism Bishop with first step replaced by a Rumbaba one, in conjunction with Magus for its Bighop compound.
STARLING cubic/hex Rook+Sling, as a bird, by analogy to Rook, ending in -ling.
STARLINGSTONE cubic/hex Wing+Slingstone, punning on Starling § and Slingstone.
STARRINESS cubic/hex-prism Rytas+Satyr ¢.
STASIMON cubic Skimmer+Shirker ¢.
STATESMAN cubic xyrixa Stake+Tale ¢.
STEADFAST xyrixa Senhelm+Acceptance ¢.
STEAMER square Dabbaba capturing as Elephant, inspired by Ken Franklin's image for the Alibaba to which it is as the Steward to the Prince.
STEEL- 3d/hex adds Saltire move to symmetric SD pieces, adds Ferz moves to FO ND pieces, and makes ND component of Heirwise pieces symmetric, a whitish alloy by analogy to the Silvet- pieces for whose orthogonal it substitutes the ND.
STEELGENERAL 3d/hex Ferz+Saltire.
STEELRIDER, STEELBUTLER, STEELVALET 3d/hex Bishop+Horn, Butler+Lowlander, Valet+Lowrider.
STEVEDORE square Ferz capturing as Dabbaba, as intermediate between Steward and Steamer.
STEWARD square Wazir capturing as Ferz, established name but for some reason lacks Piececlopedia page.
STEWARDESS square Rook capturing as Bishop, as move-restricted Queen corresponding to Steward as move-restricted Prince.
STEWPOT cubic Sustainer+Tinkerer ¢.
STIRRUP cubic Stake+Rant ¢.
STITCHER square Steward+Tailor ¢, and also because to Steward as Pitcher to Prince .
STOAT hex-prism Dicorn with first and last steps replaced by Viceroy ones, in conjunction with the Weasel and Ferret with a heraldic refernce.
STOCK Brooklike piece cubic the unprefixed one eith moves added as to equate distance from the edge with 2d files, from the STOCKBROOK, named after a place name in Tolkien.
STOCKER, STOCKFOLLOW-ER/-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN, STOCK-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Saltire+Crosscoward ¢ and its further compounds with the same-rank moves respectively of the Unicorn/Duchess/Governor/Empress/Rook/Bishop/Queen.
STOOGE square Harlequin restricted to directions indicated on each cell, as a butt of practical jokes.
STORM- hex-prism adds Rumchick move to Dukewise pieces, adds Duke moves to FO HD pieces, and makes orthogonal and ND component of Dissenterwise pieces symmetric, in conjunction with names of other environments and natural phenomena.
STORMGENERAL, STORMRIDER, STORMRULER hex-prism Duke+Rumchick, Duchess+Dilemma, Grandduke+Rumchick.
STRATEGIST cubic Engineer+Tactician, as next step up from Tactician.
STREWER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Wing+Hurler, from Staff and Hurler.
STRICT piece capturing outside its move square one blocked from moving by an ally on any capture square.
STRING cubic Stripe+Nabber ¢.
STORK square symmetric 7:2 leaper, in conjunction with other bird names for pieces in near-orthogonal directions starting with the 6:1 Flamingo.
STRIPE square FO 3:2 leaper, as attribute of Zebra §.
STUDENT hex symmetric root-19 pure-hex leaper dual to cubic Sustainer, from number of 19-year-old students.
STUDY cubic Foundation+Theorist, as where theory might be studied.
STUROSE hex Curved root-19 linepiece on 12-stage circuit, extrapolated from Senrose.
SUASEHOLDER hex Rook+Student, extrapolated from Leaseholder.
SUB- square/hex restricts radial moves to single step, oblique moves can be indefinitely repeated in the same direction but are restricted to the most forward directions, in conjunction with Co-, Meta-, Mini-, Para-, Ride-, Under-, and Vice-.
SUBALTERN cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Conqueror+Impala, by analogy to Pashtun.
SUBMARINE, SUBMERSIBLE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Unicoren+Gunboat, Horn+Gundeck, from English translation of u-boat.
SUBORDINATE cubic FO 5:3:2 leaper, hex-prism FO 5:root 13 leaper, as underling starting similarly to Sustainer §.
SUBVERSIVE cubic/xyrixa Sustainer+Wombat ¢.
SUBWAY cubic Subordinate+Den ¢.
SUCHWE xyrixa/hex-prism Student+Elephant, extrapolated from Lechwe.
SUFFRAGETTE hex-prism Rook+Ubicorn+Dicorn, as woman who struggled to give her sex the power to vote.
SUGARGLIDER cubic symmetric 8:3:2 leaper, xyrixa dual of symmetric 12:3:1 leaper, in conjunction with other marsupial names.
SUGENDIST, SUGIONARY hex Student+Eunuch, Student+Dabbaba, extrapolated from Legendist, Legionary.
SULEBMART pieces, SULEBRIDER pieces cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism those that can also make capturing moves, short- and long-range respectively, in remaining Baronwise directions, from Trambelus reversed.
SULTAN cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Archduke+Alibuck, by analogy to Pasha.
SUMMING hex symmetric root-76 pure-hex leaper, extrapolated from Lemming.
SUMMOCK hex-prism Haunt+Dishcloth, extrapolated from Hummock.
SUMMONER cubic FO 8:2:1 leaper, starts with reversed first 3 letters of Muskrat §, extrapolated from Runaround.
SUMP square FO 5:1 leaper dual to the Stripe, extrapolated from Hump.
SUN- 3d/xyrixa/hex-prism adds Heir move to symmetric orthogonal pieces, adds Wazir moves to heirwise pieces, and makes orthogonal component of Archdukewise pieces symmetric, from the celestial body that alchemists associate with gold.
SUNHAT cubic/hex-prism Underscore+Sustainer.
SUNGENERAL 3d/xyrixa/hex-prism Wazir+Heir.
SUNRIDER, SUNRULER, 3d/xyrixa/hex-prism Rook+Missionary, General+Heir.
SUNSHADE cubic Underline+Maintainer, EMD Sunhatwise.
SUPER- all adds to a FO piece its Reservist, or to a symmetric hex piece the same moves in the remaining Peacock directions.
SUPERIOR hex-prism Missionary+Rumchick, as comparative corresponding to Supreme § as superlative.
SUPPORT xyrixa dual to the FO 10:3:1 leaper, as attribute of Intern §.
SUPRECHAUN hex Unicorn+Student, extrapolated from Leprechaun.
SUPREME hex-prism Governor+Runbaba, as suffix applied to the royal goverornship of the Church of England.
SURF hex-prism Saltire capturing as Pupil, extrapolated from Serf.
SURFACE cubic Stake+Soaper ¢.
SURGEON cubic Healer+Engineer, as a more advanced practitioner in healing.
SURREALIST hex-prism Elephrider+Dadaist, from an outlandish art movement similar to Dadaism.
SURTLER cubic Bishop+Zenoe, extrapolated from Hurtler.
SUSROSE cubic 5:3:2 Curved linepiece on 12-stage circuit, extrapolated from Senrose.
SUSTAINER cubic symmetric 5:3:2 leaper, hex-prism symmetric 5:root 13 leaper, in conjunction with other imparters of care, wisdom, or religion for even-SOLL cubic leapers, especially Nurturer for other leaper with SOLL 38.
SUSTLER cubic Bishop+Zeique, extrapolated from Hustler.
SUVITE xyrixa/hex-prism Bishop+Student, extrapolated from Levite.
SUYLINE hex FO root-76 pure-hex leaper, extrapolated from Leyline.
SWAG cubic Navvy+Alpaca, EMD Treasurewise.
SWALLOW cubic/hex Wing+Headrest, in conjnuction with Sparrow, Starling, and Swift.
SWAMP hex-prism adds Saltire move to Landlordwise pieces, adds Landlord moves to FO ND pieces, and makes Hostwise component of Sycophantwise pieces symmetric, in conjunction with names of other environments and natural phenomena.
SWAMPGENERAL, SWAMPRIDER hex-prism Landlord+Saltire, Pontiff+Horn.
SWAN square Antelope+Satyr+Flamingo, forming the oblique m:7-m leaper, combining the Sa of Satyr, elegance of the other two, and birdiness of Flamingo.
SWIFT cubic/hex Rook+Arbalest, in conjnuction with Sparrow, Starling, and Swallow.
SWEARER cubic 60° Ferz-Commuter alternator, EMD Votarywise.
SWITCH-REFLECTING piece square one which on reaching any edge of the board can reflect off it as the move changing direction in one or two dimensions, but making one step along the edge in between to unbind it.
SWITCHBACK alternator all one alternating between steps of a Straight and a Crooked move.
SWORD cubic/hex differs from Dicorn in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), as a weapon still weaker than the Sling, in that it is hand-held.
SWORDBILL square 55° Wazir-Eunuch 3-stepper, as a bird with a name suggestive of fencing.
SWORDPOINT cubic/hex differs from Dilemma in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), as front and business-end of Sword §.
SYCOPHANT hex-prism Cross+Saltire+Rumchick, in conjunction with other unelected modern offices for pieces in those directions.
SYMBOL cubic Feaster+Shirker ¢.
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