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Index M to Man and Beast

Each entry starts with the name or prefix in capitals, linked to the Piececlopedia page if an established piece, followed by the plural in plain text if irregular. Then comes the geometry, with a link to the Man and Beast page - square also covers cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism, all covers those plus 2d hex and 2d/3d pentagonal ones, and hex covers xyrixa/hex-prism. Then comes the definition in plain text. The name's origin, if more than random and neither a Piececlopedia piece nor obvious, is in italics. Compounds of two oblique leapers always have one of a set of endings designed to avoid duplicate names for mixed-range and part-symmetric versions. Unless specified as royally-restricted a piece is capturable. The phrase "capturing as" means exclusively unless prefixed with "also". When a move can be "repeated" it means without capturing on any but the last instance. DQR stands for Defaulting to Queen (square) or Rook (hex). Names combining component names are marked ¢. FO pieces' symmetric counterparts are marked §.

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MACAW square symmetric 10:1 leaper, in conjunction with other bird names for pieces in near-orthogonal directions starting with the 6:1 Flamingo.
MACEDONIAN cubic xyrixa Meadow+Aria ¢.
MACEL square 3:1 Curved linepiece on 8-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Camel whose Curved rider it is.
MADNESS hex-prism Oddfellow+Fanatic, referring to Fanatic's insane state.
MAENAD square Egg+Float, as suitably heathen underling to Priestess §.
MAGAZINE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Cannonball+Arrowhead+Slingstone, as component of gun or subset of Arsenal §.
MAGENTA- hex-prism adds Saltire move to symmetric HD pieces, adds Rumbaba moves to FO ND pieces, and makes HD component of Bellboywise pieces symmetric, adding a hint of blue to red.
MAGENTAGENERAL, MAGENTARIDER, MAGENTAGHILLIE, MAGENTABAILIFF 3d/hex Rumbaba+Saltire, Dicorn+Horn, Contraghillie+Outlander, Contrabailiff+Outrider.
MAGEWARDEN square Bezra+Rigaffe, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Gamewarden whose Curved rider it is.
MAGGID, MAGINOT xyrixa Guineapig+Marmot, Marmot+Grumbler ¢.
MAGISTRATE hex-prism Mediator+Point, as lesser judge than Justice §.
MAGNIFICAT xyrixa Agouti+Marmot ¢.
MAGNIFIER hex-prism Dabchrider+Tippler, from intensifying name starting with next entry.
MAGPIE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Dabchrider+Key, as bird carrying away shiny things such as keys.
MAGUS hex-prism Bishop+Stargazer, as one whose religious rôle involved astrology.
MAHDI hex-prism Marquis+Dadaist, by analogy to Pasha.
MAHOUT cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Elephrider+Eunuch, as driver, often of subservient rank, on elephant's back.
MAIMONIDES hex 90° Wazir-Zombie alternator, in conjunction with other names of historic figures ending in -es for 90° orthogonal-ND Crooked alternators.
MAINTAINER cubic 60° Elephant-Tripper alternator, from Sustainerwise EMD.
MAJOR hex-prism Mediator+Saltire, as comparative corresponding to Maximus § as superlative.
MALCONTENT cubic/xyrixa/hex-prosm Picket+Packet, as one who packs workplaces with pickets.
MALLET square FO 6:1 leaper, as rôle to which Flamingo § put in the Alice books.
MAMBA pentagonal Boa+Wazir, snake sharing Primate's initial.
MAMEL square symmetric 11:9 leaper dual to Macaw, extrapolated from Camel.
MAN- all alternator's compound with the Straight piece having the longer steps or leaps, as an extension of Boy-.
MANDYMAN Mandyman square Mallet+Mump, extrapolated from Handyman.
MANGONEL cubic/hex Unicorn+Musket, as weapon starting with M.
MANN plural to be confirmed square older name for what I term a Prince, from Courier, and adopted untranslated to avoid confusion with "man" in the sense of a piece in general.
MANSION cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Pocket+Elephant, in conjunction with other "near-castles" Estate and Outpost for enhanced Pockets.
MANTICORE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Unicorn+Nag, in conjunction with fellow monsters Fury, Gorgon, Gryphon, Harpy, Hydra, Lamia, Simurgh, and Sphinx.
MANXCAT hex-prism Macaw+Examiner ¢. >/table<
MAPLE xyrixa dual of cubic Friar, as emblem of home nation (Canada) of Mountie § police force.
MARA square Cobbler+Giraffe+Charolais+Antelope+Commuter, by analogy with Squirrel.
MARABOU square Macaw+Mamel ¢.
MARBLER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Alibaba+Mill ¢.
MARC square Humpreservist+Humpcoward, extrapolated from Barc.
MAO square Stepping Knight making Wazir step followed by Ferz step.
MAOSQUARED square short-leap Antelope making Knight leap fdolowed by Camel leap, as piece multiplying Mao move by Knight SOLL and rotating.
MARCHIONESS cubic Rook+Dicorn, by analogy to Queen.
MARICORN hex-prism Unicorn+Drummer, in conjnuction with other sea monsters for such Unicorn compounds.
MARINER, MARINFOLLOW-ER/-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN, MARIN-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Arrowhead+Slingcoward and its further compounds with the same-rank moves respectively of the Sling/Cannonade/Arbalaest/Arsenal/Cannon/Arrow/Tank, extrapolated from Boater.
MARITI- all combines the prefixes Man- and Angle-, in conjunction with Uxori- to combine Woman- and Angle- by analogy to Matri-/Patri- and Sorori-/Fratri-.
MARKER hex-prism FO 1:root 19 leaper, from the markings on a Calibrator §.
MARKSMAN square Cannon+Knight, as one firing gun from horseback, and sharing start of Marshal.
MARKUP cubic/xyrixa Regular+Summoner.
MARMOT xyrixa dual of symmetric 11:3:2 leaper, in conjunction with other rodent names.
MARQUIS cubic Wazir+Rumbaba, as next lordly title below Duke which is Wazir+Viceroy.
MARS square piece making Ferz step preceded by optional Tusk leap, in conjunction with other astronomical names.
MARSHAL square Rook+Knight.
MARSHHARRIER xyrixa/hex-prism Finch+Nightrider, as bird with same start as Marshal.
MARSHLANDER square Knight+Wazir, as person with same start as Marshal inhabiting particular landscape.
MARSHRANGER square Rook+Rose.
MARSHMALLOW xyrixa/hex-prism Rose+Wazir, as plant with same start as Marshal.
MARSHRIDER square Rook+Nightrider.
MARSHRUNNER square Wing+Helm.
MARSHWARBLER xyrixa/hex-prism Finch+Knight, as bird with same start as Marshal.
MARTINET, MARTYR cubic Unicorn+Marquis, Mitre+Viscount, first as disciplarian sharing start of Marquis, second as religious victim.
MASHUP xyrixa Repeater+Slice ¢.
MASTICATOR cubic Muncher+Plea ¢.
MATRI- all combines the prefixes Woman- and Side-, from inheritance on mother's side as distinct from father's side.
MATRIARCH cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Queen+Unicosheath, as it is also Farrieress+Patriarch.
MATRON cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Countess+Tusk, in conjunction with Bride.
MATTRESS hex-prism Macaw+Wacam ¢.
MAURETANIAN cubic xyrixa Mourner+Initiate ¢.
MAVEN hex-prism Viscount+Dadchick, by analogy to Pashtun.
MAX- all defaulit Double-Bent piece's compound with Skew-, after the astronomer Max Wolf.
MAXI- square/hex restricts oblique moves to forward direction but allows all moves to be indefinitely repeated in the same direction, including part-repeats, from having the maximum destinations short of being fully symmetric.
MAXIMUS, MAYOR, MAYORESS hex-prism Pontiff+Viceroy, Dicorn+Viceroy, Marchioness+Viceroy, first as suffix applied to the traditional imperial Pontiff, second as masculine office holder for compound of single-step pieces, feminised for its Rook compound.
MCONCUBINE cubic Brook+Eunuch, adding initial of Mutilator.
MEADOW cubic FO 5:3:3 leaper, xyrixa/hex-prism dual of cubic Aria, FO 4:root 27 leaper, as kind of field in reference to Fieldmouse §.
MEANDER pentagonal Crooked Mitre alternately turning left and right, but more slightly than the cubic Boyhexer, as crooked movement sharing Mitre's initial.
MECHANIC cubic/hex Simurgh+Farrier, as someone working on more complex machinery than Farrier.
MECHANISER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Governor+Dabbaba, as person ordering machines to replace manpower.
MEDE xyrixa/hex-prism dual of symmetric 11:6:1 leaper, symmetric 2:root 75 leaper, punning on Mead, a honeyed drink.
MEDIATOR hex-prism Mitre+Dilemma, as one who metaphoroically builds bridges, which is etymological meaning of Pontiff §.
MEDIUM hex-prism Bishop+Necromancer, as one professing to communicate with the dead in a setting more involving the living than a necromancer.
MEDLEY cubic Dwarf+Mentor ¢, and also as a tune from its Lefanuwise EMD.
MEET pentagonal-prism Meander+Haver, as use of moving sharing Missionary's initial.
MEGA- square/hex restricts radial moves to forward direction but allows all moves to be indefinitely repeated in the same direction, including part-repeats, from having one of the largest numbers of destinations short of being fully symmetric.
MEGALOPOLITAN cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Governor+Rooksheath, as it is also Metropolitan+Cosmopolitan, and as a megalopolis is a larger conurbation than a metropolis.
MEHEL cubic 8:5:3 Curved linepiece on 6-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Hemel.
MEMSAHIB square Dabbaba+Point, from being orthogonal counterpart of Sahib.
MENHIR cubic xyrixa/hex-prism Fortnight+Heptagram.
MENTOR cubic 35° Ferz-Eunuch alternator, from its Lecturerwise EMD.
MERCENARY cubic Meadow+Plot ¢.
MERCHANT cubic xyrixa/hex-prism Camel+Ninja, from one travelling to ad from the Orient, possibly by camel.
MERCURY square piece making Wazir step preceded by optional Hump leap, in conjunction with other astronomical names.
MERLIN cubic Falcon+Vulture, as bird of prey.
MERZ square Sumpreservist+Sumpcoward, extrapolated from Barc.
MESS cubic FO 8:7:5 leaper, as the disordered life of a Muddler §.
META- square/hex restricts radial moves to single step and forward direction but allows oblique moves to be indefinitely repeated in the same direction, in conjunction with Co-, Mini-, Para-, Ride-, Sub-, Under-, and Vice-.
METALLIST hex-prism Dybburider+Drummer, as devotee of music with a heavy drumbeat and often demonic lyrics.
METCAST xyrixa/hex-prism Meadow+Doweller ¢.
METEOR square piece making Ferz step preceded by required Piker move, in conjunction with other astronomical names.
METROPOLITAN square Bishop+Gryphon, as a church title most widely used in an exotic context.
MEZEL square 5:1 Curved linepiece on 8-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Zemel whose Curved rider it is.
MGUNSMITH square Unicorn+Nfarrier, adding initial of Manticore.
MICROPHONE hex-prism Drummrider+Dabbaba, as a device receiving the sound of a musician to carry it.
MID- hex indicates Crooked piece with the an angle of turn, and therefore two-leap SOLL, intermediate between the Long- and Short- ones.
MIDDLEMAN Middlemen hex-prism Trilemma+Cross, as a lesser office than that of Executive §.
MIDWIFE cubic symmetric 6:4:1 leaper, xyrixa/hex-prism dual of symmetric 9:4:3 leaper, symmetric 4:root 37 leaper, from its shared SOLL with the 7:2 Stork and the famous white lie "the stork brought you".
MIGEL square 5:3 Curved linepiece on 8-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Gimel whose Curved rider it is.
MIGRANT non-symmetric piece square one capturing as piece with next most forward move of same symmetric piece, defaulting to Point capturing as Pointreservist.
MIKADO cubic Ninja+Nimel+Exorcist, from having same ratio as the Emperor between component SOLLs.
MILFOIL cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Elephant+Mill ¢.
MILIEU cubic xyrixa Muskrat+Muddler ¢.
MILITIAMAN Militiamen, MILITIAWOMAN Militiawomen cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Bishop+Mill, Queen+Mill, from Mill and a male-female pair of rôles.
MILL cubic/hex differs from Eunuch in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), from metaphorically putting someone through the mill.
MILLER hex-prism 30° Viceroy-Rumbaba alternator, EMD Bakerwise.
MILLIBAR, MILLSTONE cubic/hex Dabbaba+Mill ¢, differs from Key in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), from metaphorically putting a millstone round someone's neck.
MINE square Cannonball+Tusk, from Minethrower §.
MINEDETECTOR, MINEFIELD, MINELAYER, MINESWEEPER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Cannonball+Antler, Cannonade+Elephant, Ballade+Tusk, Cannon+Elk, from Minethrower/Mine.
MINETHROWER square Cannon+Elephant, as a mchine firing very dangerous projectiles.
MINI- square/hex restricts radial moves to single step and oblique moves to forward direction, in conjunction with Co-, Meta-, Para-, Ride-, Sub-, Under-, and Vice-.
MINIMALIST cubic/xyrixa Friar+Chipfryer, from the simple life led by friars.
MINION, MINIONESS square Forewazir capturing as Hindwazir, Forerook capturing as Hindrook, by analogy with Steward, Stewardess.
MINISTER hex-prism Tricorn+Wazir, in conjunction with Executive.
MINORLUMP hex-prism symmetric 5:root 7 leaper, in conjunction with Furtherlump for coprime pieces with twice the Heffalump's leap length.
MINOTAUR cubic/hex Unicorn+Trebuchet, as a horned monster.
MINUTEMAN Minutemen, MINUTEWOMAN Minutewomen cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Mitre+Millstone, Princess+Millstone, as similar rôles to Militia[wo]man§ with same start and end.
MIRG square Bumpreservist+Bumpcoward, extrapolated from Barc.
MIRROR Alternator any starts with the longer instead of the shorter stage, from Mirror Rhino.
MISSIONARY cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Mitre+Horn, from one converting the imperial colonies to the established religion.
MIST- hex-prism adds Host move to symmetric ND pieces, adds Viceroy moves to Hostwise pieces, and makes ND component of Sycophantwise pieces symmetric, in conjunction with names of other environments and natural phenomena.
MISTGENERAL, MISTRIDER hex-prism Viceroy+Host, Unicorn+Mediator.
MITRE cubic/hex piece moving any distance through empty intermediate cells along forward standard diagonals, as attribute of Bishop §.
MIXTURE square Zemel+Giraffe, from mixing their striped and blotched coats.
MOA, MOASQUARED square Stepping Knight making Ferz step followed by Wazir step, short-leap Antelope making Camel leap followed by Knight leap, second as piece multiplying Moa move by Knight SOLL and rotating.
MJOUSTER cubic Fwazir-Eunuch alternator, adding initial of Mentor.
MOANER xyrixa dual of FO 11:5:2 leaper, starts mostly with reversed early letters of Anomalure §, extrapolated from Runaround.
MOCASSIN or MOCCASIN pentagonal-prism Boa+Viceroy, as snake sharing Moderator's initial.
MOCMUTER cubic 4:4 Curved linepiece on 6-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Commuter.
MOCKERY cubic/xyrixa Cedilla+Mower ¢.
MODERATOR square Bishop+Viceroy, as leading figure in Presbyterianism, a bishopless Protestant denomination.
MODULAR cubic Mower+Plea ¢.
MOERITHERE hex-prism 69° Ferz-Dabbaba alternator, as a very large extinct mammal, for its Heffalumpwise EMD.
MOGUL hex-prism Revolutionary+Dadbuck, by analogy to Pasha.
MOLEHILL cubic xyrixa Hump+Shovel, as a protruberance generated by digging.
MOLERAT cubic symmetric 6:5:2 leaper hex-prism symmetric 2:root 61 leaper, in conjunction with other rodent names.
MOMMING xyrixa/hex-prism piece moving twice as far as the Mountie in the same directions, extrapolated from Lemming.
MONDRIAN cubic xyrixa Muncher+Den ¢.
MONITOR hex-prism symmetric 3:root 39 leaper, as a term for a school prefect, for having twice the Prefect's leap length.
MONK cubic symmetric 5:2:1 leaper, hex-prism symmetric 3:root 21 leaper, in conjunction with other imparters of care, wisdom, or religion for even-SOLL cubic leapers, combined with its SOLL of 30 being the integer nearest the mean length of a month.
MONODY, MONOPOLIST xyrixa Hardness+Moaner, Palmist+Moaner ¢.
MONSIGNOR square Picket+Dybbuk, in conjunction with other church titles below Bishop for enhanced Pickets.
MOO, MOOSQUARED square Mao+Moa, Maosquared+Moasquared ¢.
MOON- 3d/hex adds Count move to symmetric SD pieces, adds Ferz moves to FO orthogonal+ND compounds, and makes SD component of Conquerorwise pieces symmetric, from the celestial body that alchemists associate with silver.
MOONGENERAL 3d/hex Ferz+Count.
MOONRIDER cubic/hex Bishop+Countess.
MOORCOCK, MOORDEMON, MOORHEN, MOORHOPPER, MOORMASTER, MOORMISER, MOORPIG, MOORPOTENTATE, MOORSWITCHER hex Duke, Dybbuk, Duchess, Cannonade, Idolator, Scrooge, Fiend, Khan, Pantaloon respectively restricted to moving straight forward/backward/sideways/vertically.
MOPRIMATE hex-prism Bishop+Viwazir, adding first two letters of Moderator.
MORALIST cubic/xyrixa Subordinate+Mower ¢.
MORAVIAN cubic xyrixa Mower+Nerve ¢.
MORBID cubic/hex-prism Molerat+Bimel ¢.
MORDOR cubic/xyrixa Chromosome+Mess.
MORNINGSTAR cubic 60° Curved Arrow, from a weapon whose path curves.
MORPHEUS cubic/hex-prism Molerat+Ox ¢.
MORTAR cubic/hex Horn+Musketball, as weapon similar to Mangonel §.
MOSAIC cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Elk+Musket ¢.
MOSES hex 90° Viceroy-Quibbler alternator, in conjunction with other names of historic figures ending in -es for 90° orthogonal-ND Crooked alternators.
MOTIVE cubic/hex-prism Molerat+Xomel ¢.
MOUNTIE xyrixa dual of cubic Monk, as horsemen starting with same letters.
MOUSINESS cubic Fieldmouse+Pipistrelle, from the mouse of Fieldmouse.
MOUTHPIECE hex-prism Dissenter+Dawdler, as an unthinking kind of spokesman speaking words drafted purely by another.
MOWER cubic FO 7:2:2 leaper, xyrixa dual of cubic Nerve, starts with reversed first 3 letters of Wombat §, extrapolated from Runaround.
MOYLINE xyrixa/hex-prism piece moving twice as far as the Maple in the same directions, extrapolated from Leyline.
MOZBIE hex root-27 Curved linepiece on 6-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Zombie whose Curved rider it is.
MSPEAR xyrixa Spearranker+Muskefiler, adding initial of Musket.
MU square Dual-inclusive Yawing Helmrider, as a compound of two Beyond Omega pieces, as the letter is crowned by angles pointing in two directions rather than the one of Alpha, Delta, and Lambda.
MUDDLER cubic symmetric 8:7:5 leaper, one of many names alluding to weakness of high-SOLL leapers.
MUEZZIN square Camel+Giraffe, as one participating in Islam from a high position.
MUFFLER hex-prism Drummrider+Elephant, from image of elephant's steps muffled by drum-shaped footwear.
MUGGER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Paker+Thief, from a kind of thief.
MUINQUISITOR hex-prism Bishop+Eudabbaba, adding first two letters of Mutilator.
MULETEER, MULLAH hex-prism Host+Clerk, Landlord+Alderman, by analogy to Pashtun, Pasha.
MULTIPLE capturing-type piece all one that can make several succesive captures of that kind within a single move.
MUMP square FO 7:5 leaper dual to the Mallet, extrapolated from Hump.
MUNCHER cubic FO 5:4:4 leaper, xyrixa dual of cubic Den, starts with reversed first 3 letters of Numbat §, extrapolated from Runaround.
MURALIST cubic/xyrixa Runaround+Muncher ¢.
MURRAY LION square Nonbraking Leaping Pasha, from a misunderstanding of Chu Shogi's Lion.
MUSHROOM square Nightranker+Humpreservist+Crosscoward.
MUSIMON square Musket+Elephant ¢.
MUSING cubic/hex-prism Subordinate+Muncher ¢.
MUSKET square differs from Dabbaba in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), as a lesser ball-firing weapon than a cannon.
MUSKETBALL square differs from Dabchick in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), as an attribute of a Musket §.
MUSKETEER cubic/hex Musket+Mill, as one using musket.
MUSKRAT cubic symmetric 8:2:1 leaper, in conjunction with other rodent names.
MUSTERER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Elephant+Musketeer ¢.
MUTATION cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Dabchrider+Antler, as bird would be as it had antlers.
MUTILATOR square Bishop+Eunuch, as one carrying out torture in the form of castration, in conjunction with Inquisitor.
MUTTONHEAD cubic/xyrixa Muncher+Nerve ¢.
MVICEREINE cubic Brook+Viceroy, adding initial of Moderator.
MYSTIC square symmetric 11:4 leaper, as one seen as marginal in today's society for a weak piece.
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