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This page is written by the game's inventor, Gerhard Josten.

Chess 2000

Chess 2000 is a chess variant, invented by Gerhard Josten. He writes:

Modern chess as it is played nowadays was created about 1500 AD. At that time the Arabian Alfil was transformed into the Bishop. The Queen was created by the unification of Rook and Bishop. The following matrix is noticable: Two other possible unifications, which hadn´t occured so far in playing chess, were carried out in CHESS 2000: knight/rook and knight/bishop. Their moves are similar to the ones of the queen as shown in the second diagram. The initial position for this chess variant is shown in the third diagram.

Apart from these changes, the rules for CHESS 2000 don´t differ from those of the traditional chess game. Naturally, both castlings are still possible. The pawns may also promote into the new figures. Although only slight modifications have been made, the new game has become more dynamic.

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Note by editor: there are other variants, with some similar theme, like Capablanca's chess, and variants of that game.
Written by Gerard Josten. WWW page made by Hans Bodlaender.
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