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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Tarun Moni.

Suffocation Chess

By Tarun Moni


The game can be played with a F.I.D.E. chessboard.


The setup is the same as F.I.D.E., except the pawns are placed one extra row forward, on the third and sixth rows.


The game can be played with F.I.D.E. pieces.


All pieces move like rooks but capture by 'suffocation', this occurs when all orthogonally adjacent squares to the target piece are either occupied (by any side's pieces) or 'choked' by an enemy's piece.

A piece 'chokes' any empty square that its F.I.D.E. version would normally be able to threaten. For example: a king would 'choke' all the squares around it; a pawn would 'choke' it's two forward-diagonally adjacent squares.

Note: if a piece is on a square that is 'choked' by the enemy, nothing happens to it; only by 'choking' all orthogonally adjacent unoccupied squares can it be captured. Additionally, if no spaces orthogonally adjacent to a piece are unoccupied, it is immediately captured. This DOES enable you to kill your own pieces by surrounding them.


The game can be played with an F.I.D.E. chessboard with F.I.D.E. pieces.