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Self Eliminator

John Gallicano and Steve Mann invented this variant in 1997. The variant appeared to be much fun. While the idea seems one of which one would expect it to be invented before, I did not find a this particular variant in The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants; interestingly, the french `chess card game' Tempete sur l'Equipier has a card that allows the effect.


All rules of orthodox chess apply, with this modification: players may also take their own pieces.

Castling is permitted also when there are pieces between the king and the rook, but this means that these pieces are simultaneously removed from play.


There are several occasions where one could want to take a piece - especially taking pawns can be tactical in several cases. This variant has the nice feature that it is very close to orthodox chess, while still different. I am not sure that there are many cases where the additional castling opportunity will be helpfull.
Written by Hans Bodlaender, with thanks to John Gallicano for informing about his variant.
WWW page made: November 11, 1997.