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The Chess Variant Pages

Kamikaze Chess

Kamikaze Chess is also known as HARA-KIRI CHESS. It was invented in 1928 by B.G. Laws.


The rules of FIDE Chess apply with these changes:

An unpublished problem of Kamikaze Chess, by Vito Rallo (Italy)



Helpmate 3 move Kamikaze

White(7): Ne8, Ne7, Pe6, Bg5, Pc4, Pe4, Kd3
Black(6): Bh7, Ng6, Qh5, Pd4, Kd1, Be1

Send the complete solution to Vito Rallo (email removed contact us for address)


Kamikaze Chess is played only like progressive chess. In Progressive Chess white starts moving once in turn, Black moves twice in turn, the White three times, etc.

In AISE tournaments, the King is subjected to the kamikaze effect. Therefore if the player musts make a capture with the king, he/she loses the game. The best players are Vito Rallo (Italy) and Deumo Polacco (Italy).

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