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The Chess Variant Pages

Diagonal Quadrant Chess

Ian Storz invented this variant at the age of 12. He had much fun playing it with his father, who informed me about this variant.


The game is played on a normal 8 by 8 chess board with the standard set of pieces. The setup is as follows:

King a1; Queen b2; Bishop a2, b1; Rook a3, c1; Knight b3, c2; Pawn a4, b4, c3, c4, d1, d2, d3, d4.

King h8; Queen g7; Bishop g8, h7; Rook f8, h6; Knight f7, g6; Pawn e5, e6, e7, e8, f5, f6, g5, h5.

All rules are as in orthodox chess, except the movement of pawns: pawns move without taking diagonally in the direction of the opponent, and take horizontally and vertically `forwards'. Pawns promote when they reach one of the two edges at the opponents side of the board, i.e., when they cannot make a non-capturing move anymore.

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