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Holywar Photographs

Here are some photographs of a Holywar setup made from Chess Construction Set materials. The squares are 2 inch squares of colored posterboard. You can see piles of other posterboard tiles laying on the table. Most of the pieces come from my large Chess set. We used knights from David's wooden Chess set for the Crusaders. The setup here comes from an actual game we played together. I played white. The dice along the side were used to mark the ranks. You should be able to make out the dots on the six sided dice. We used a ten sided die for the seven and an eight sided die for the eight, but it's hard to make out the numbers on these dice in the photo. Half tiles along the white side were used to mark the files. There is a full set of these along the white side but not along the black side. Only the ones made with a permanent marker are showing up well in the photos.

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Written by Fergus Duniho. Photographs by David Howe.
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