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DAN+, Different Rooks

[August 1996] My ideas about how to compare the values of short-range jumpers with that of the Rook have changed greatly. I would now reject the two pieces given below as too weak.

[Original text:]
There are currently no "approved" substitutes for the Rook.

The Rook is a long-range piece that goes to squares of either color, starts off hiding in the corner, and becomes more valuable as the board becomes more empty.

It is possible to find pieces of roughly the same value as the Rook, but they will not be like the Rook. This difference will upset the dynamics of the whole game, and possibly change the way all the pieces relate to one another.

Bearing that in mind, two experimental pieces are offered:


This piece jumps one or two squares like a Rook, or two squares diagonally; for example, from e4 it can move or capture on e5, e6, g6, f4, g4, g2, e2, e2, c2, d4, c4, or c6; and it can get to e6 even if e5 is occupied.


This piece moves and captures either one square diagonally, or like a "long Knight". For example, from e4, it can leap to f5, f7, h5, h3, f3, f1, d1, d3, b3, b5, d5, or d7.

[November 1996] Note that the LF probably wins material by tactical means right out of the opening position:

1. (LF)b1-c4 or 1. (LF)f1-e4 threaten mate at d5 or e5, and also threaten (LF)-b5 attacking a8 (and perhaps a8 is undefended).


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