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Across the Board : The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems (book information)

The book Across the Board : The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems, written by John J. Watkins appeared March 2004. This book describes and analyses chess board puzzles, like the knights tour, the queens domination problem (put queens on a chess board such that every square is seen by a queen), tilings of the board with polynomios, etcetera. The book is not about chess, and the puzzles are not of the form: how to win, or mate in two moves, but more of a mathematical nature.

John J. Watkins
Across the Board : The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems
ISBN 0691115036
Princeton University Press, 2004
264 pages

I haven't read the book myself yet: if some reader has more information, or an opinion, please contact us.

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