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Chess Variants, 50 variants on the game of chess (Book information)

Adrey Caljé wrote a book, in Dutch, on chess variants, titled Schaakvarianten - 50 varianten op het schaakspel. The book appeared in May 2013. According to the website of the author, the English translation of the book, titled Chess Variants, 50 variants on the game of chess appears in October 2013, i.e., soon after I write this. My review is based on the Dutch version, but I assume that the English version is similar. In this book, as the title already tells, fifty chess variants are discussed. After the introduction, the book first gives a detailed explanation of the rules of chess, and then, in alphabetical order, the author describes each of the chess variants, from Adviesschaak (Advice chess) to Weggeefschaak (Give away chess). Each of the games has its rules described in a very clear way. After the rules, more information on the variants is given: most variants have the moves of a sample game, history or other background, and occasionally a quote from the inventor or a fan of the variant.

The book is written in a clear and enjoyable way. The book contains many well known, and a few lesser known variants.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Eduardo Comoglio from Argentina, based on raw sketches by the author.

If you are able to read Dutch and enjoy chess variants, this book is a must for your bookcase. And if you are able to read English and enjoy chess variants, I think that the English translation is a must.

More information can be found on the website of the author:, where you can see some pictures from the book, order the book for 19.95 euro (excluding postage), or pictures from the book on canvas. Postage in the Netherlands is 3.27 euro when I looked.

Information on the Dutch book:

Schaakvarianten - 50 varianten op het schaakspel
Adrey Caljé
1st print: May 2013
194 pages
ISBN 9789077733028

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Written by: Hans Bodlaender.