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The Chess Variant Pages

Sample Game #3

Here, Zillions at 5 seconds per move on an Athlon 1GHz plays White and I, Robert Price, play Black. I usually don't like to play chess against the computer (because it always wins), but I wanted a human-played game to show you.
1. Na2-b4  Pc7-c5
2. Nb4xa6  Pb7xa6
3. c2=P*     ---
4. P*c2-c4 Pd7-d6
5. Ne2-c3  Na7-c6
Zillions sacrificed his Knight in order to gain a Ringbearer. I'm beginning to feel the constraining nature of the opening game.
 6. Pd2-d4  Pe6-e5
 7. Pd4xc5  Pd6xc5
 8. P*c4xc5 Nc6-a5
 9. Qb1-d3  Qb8-c7
10. Pb2-b4  Bc8-d7
11. P*c5-d6 Bd7-b5
12. Nc3xb5  Pa6xb5
13. Pb4xa5
The Ring is getting pretty close to my side of the board. My next move puts pressure on the Ringbearer and wins me the Ring! Of course, it's too bad my Queen had to die.
13.   ...   Ne7-c8
14. P*d6xc7 Bd8xc7
15. Qd3xb5  Nc8-d6
16. Qb5-d3  Ra8-c8
What I have planned is B*c7xc2+. If White captures with the Rook, I can recapture with my Rook and be covered by the new Rook on c7 -- checkmate! Naturally, Zillions sees what I'm trying to do and flees.
17. Kc0-b1  B*c7xc1
18. Kb1-a2  B*c1-c3
19. Qd3-e2  Re8-d8
20. Bd1-b3  Nd6-c4
21. Ra1-d1  B*c3-b2
22. Qe2xb2  Nc4xb2
23. Ka2xb2
I allowed the White King to gain the Ring. In return, I gained White's Queen, which I must now move out of the path of the enemy Bishop. I'm feeling pretty good about my game by this point. All I have to do is press an attack with my Queen and Rooks.
23.   ...   Qc4-c3
24. K*b2-a2 Rc8-b8
25. Rd1-c1  Rd8-d2
26. K*a2-b1 Rd2-b2
27. K*b1-c0 Rb2xb3
28. Pa3-a4  Rb8-c8
29. Rc1xc3  Rb3xc3
30. K*c0-b1 Rc8-b8
31. Rc3-c2  Rc3-c2
32. K*a2-a3 Pe5-e4
33. Pa5-a6  Rc2-c3
34. K*a3-a2 Rb8-b3
35. Pa6-a7
Somehow I managed to blunder away my victory. There were Pawns in the way of my two-Rook attack. Now one of the pawns is going to promote, and I can't stop it without losing a Rook. In the face of impending doom, I force a draw by perpetual check.
35.   ...    Rb3-a3
36. K*a2-b2  Ra3-b3
37. K*b2-a2  Rb3-a3
38. K*a2-b2  Ra3-b3
39. K*b2-a2 draw

Written by Robert Price.
WWW page created: March 8th, 2002.