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A Final Word

As previously mentioned, Crazy 38's was created as an entry for hans' 38 square challenge. The entry deadline was January 31st, 1998, and I was unable to test the game before the deadline.

I experimented with a lot of boards, and I finally settled on the board used in this game a few weeks before the deadline. However, I was unable to settle on which pieces to use how or how to set them up, which is especially difficult without playtesting. I didn't want the board to be too crowded, or for one side to easily gain an advantage, or for draws to occur easily. I wanted the game to be played with drops (which always helps reduce draws). And of course, I wanted a rook-type piece that could take advantage of the 'loop-effect' built into the board.

I considered a lot of other pieces, and I also have a variation on the board that I will put up at some future date. As the game is played, I will make note of suggestions, ideas, and improvements that need to be made; however, the rules here are the original official rules and are the rules entered into the 38 challenge.

Let me know if you like it and/or find any problems with it.

[email protected]

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Written by Ben Good.
This is (part of) a submission to the contest to design a chess variant on a board with 38 squares.
WWW page created: February 3, 1998.