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This page is written by the game's inventor, AMissoum.

Four Handed Perspective Chess

by A. Missoum

This game is a four handed variant of Missoums Perspective Chess. Below, you find his description of this variant for four players; you might also want to look at the description of Perspective Chess for additional information.

The Chessboard is a double chessboard ABCD which comprises the board ABODC of 64 cells, and the board ADOBC of 64 cells. The cells are of two types: perspective squares cells in the zone between ABCD and EFGH , and triangular cells in the square EFGH. The initial arrangement of pieces and pawns is as figure(2).The board of player (1) is AOD, that of player (2) is DOC, player (3) has the board COB and player (4) has the board AOB. The game can be played between four persons at the same time, each player opposes simultaneously the three other players : (1) against (2), (3) and (4) ; (2) against (1),(3) and (4) ; (3) against (1),(2) and (4) and (4) against (1), (2) and (3). Because the game is played between four persons, each player possess 3 rooks, 3 Knights, 3 queens, 3 Bishops, 3 Kings and 24 pawns (see pieces arrangement of the four players figure(2)).


The pieces(pawns) move and capture as the pieces (pawns) of the two handed perspective chess. But they cannot move and capture frontally .The game is simply a two dimensional game and the rule of play are almost similar to those of the classical 8x8 chess square. When a piece(or a pawn) of a player(lets say (1)) crosses the point O of the chessboard, it can choose to move and captures along anyone of the files of the opponents boards ODC, OAB or OBC.


1.e2-e4 m2-m4 e7-e5 n7-n5 ((1),(2),(3) and (4) moves their first pawns of the respective files e,m,e
2. d4-d5 l2-l4 d7-d5 k7-k8
3. Ng1-f3 No1-n3 Ng8-f6 Nj1-k3
4. Pe2-e4 Pm2-m4 Pe7-e5 Pn7-n5 ( (1), (2) (3) and (4) moves their second pawns of the files e,m,e,n
5. e4-f5 m4-g4 e5-h4 n5-i4

When the pawns of a player X reach the starting 8 cells of the other players , they can be promoted.

Written by: A. Missoum.
WWW page created: January 6, 1997.