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Camelopard Chess

Camelopard is a piece that once appeared in one of the fairy chess problems by Robert J. Darvall. It's a compound of Camelrider and Fiveleaper.


files=12 ranks=12 promoZone=1 promoChoice=DGSAHTZ graphicsDir=/graphics.dir/alfaeriePNG/ squareSize=50 graphicsType=png firstRank=1 borders=0 lightShade=#a83c3c coordColor=#9b7b91 darkShade=#7b301b rimColor=#0b040c oddShade=#963059 pawn:P:ifmnDfmWfceF:pawn:a4,b4,c4,d4,e4,f4,g4,h4,i4,j4,k4,l4,,a9,b9,c9,d9,e9,f9,g9,h9,i9,j9,k9,l9 tribune:D:DG:warmachine:d5,i5,,d8,i8 giraffe:G:DXNYCC:giraffe:d1,i1,,d12,i12 snake:S:(afz)F:snake:f1,,f12 aviaanca:A:[W?AA]:gryphon:c1,j1,,c12,j12 half-duck (lion):H:HFD:greatwarmachineferz:b1,k1,,b12,k12 turtle:T:mScK4afK:queeninv:a1,l1,,a12,l12 zebrabishop:Z:ZB:zebrabishop:e1,h1,,e12,h12 king:K:KisO4imAmiD:king:g1,,g12


Pawn a4-l4; Tribune d5, i5; Turtle a1, l1; Half-Duck b1, k1; Aviaanca c1, j1; Camelopard d1, i1; Zerdinal e1, h1; Snake f1, King g1


Pawn a9-l9; Tribune d8, i8; Turtle a12, l12; Half-Duck b12, k12; Aviaanca c12, j1; Camelopard d12, i12; Zerdinal e12, h12; Snake f12, King g12


PawnSlides to the 2nd square straight ahead to an empty square if it has not moved yet, steps one square straight ahead to an empty square, or diagonally forward for (e.p.?) capturing only
KingSteps one square in all 8 directions, castles by stepping 4 squares towards the Turtle, jumps to the 2nd square diagonally or orthogonally to an empty square if it has not moved yet
Tribune(2,0)+(3,3) leaper
TurtleJumps to the 2nd square in all 8 directions to an empty square, or slides up to 4 squares in all 8 directions for capturing only
Half-Duck(1,1)+(2,0)+(3,0) leaper
AviaancaSteps 1 square orthogonally and from there can repeatedly makes a (2,2) leap in the same direction outward
CamelopardLeaper making moves of length 5 units {(4,3)+(5,0)}, or repeatedly makes a (3,1) leap in the same direction
ZerdinalMakes a (3,2) leap, or slides diagonally
SnakeMakes a one step Bishop move, and then if that square was empty, may continue its move by playing a one step Rook move away from its starting square, and if that square was empty it may continue with another one step Bishop move in the same direction as its first, and so on...


Pawns on the last rank can promote to Tribune, Turtle, Half-Duck, Aviaanca, Camelopard, Zerdinal, or Snake.


To practice your technique for checkmating a bare King with a King:




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