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Pick the Piece Big Chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Pick the Piece Big Chess is a customizable 10x10 board variant. Click here for more game info

The extra pieces in middle of board will disappear after starting the preset.
Drop a piece as follows: C-a0 Where C here represents the prefix of piece to be dropped.

Play Carnage!

- Carnage is derived from Pick the Piece Big Chess and contains the following pieces:
Dragon Moves without capturing like a queen or knight.
Captures by sliding towards enemy piece and stopping short in forward directions N, NE, NW
Also Captures by withdrawing from an enemy piece in backwards and sidewary directions S, SE, SW, E and W. e.g. if it moves east any adjacent piece west of it is captured.
It CANNOT capture pawns or Ninja Pawns.
Terror Freeze Moves without capturing like a queen or knight.
Immobilizes all adjacent pieces (north,south, north east, north west, east west, south east, south west) EXCEPT knights, Ninja Pawns and Pawns.
immobilized pieces cannot move nor attack nor can they check a king.
Detonator Destroys all adjacent pieces except Ninja Pawns without moving. (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW)
There is no choice of capture, all are captured at once.
This detonation counts as one turn.
A detonator can be dropped /gated in via any empty square on back rank
Ninja Pawn A Ninja Pawn moves straight ahead any number of empty squares to center of board (rank 5 for white, rank 6 for black).
It then moves forward 1 space per turn.
It can move 1 square sideways (noncapturing) regardless of where it is on the board.
It captures diagonally up.
The Ninja Pawn gains the power to capture 1 space sideways when in enemy territory (upper half of board, rank 6 or more for white, rank 5 or less for black).
Ninja pawns can promote to any piece except a King.
Ninja pawns cannot capture or be captured En Passant
5 Ninja Pawns can enter into the game (1 per turn) from the side's 2nd rank.
The player can drop the pawn and pass, or drop and make the forward thrusting move (1- multiple squares towards the center).

Click here to start the preset for Air and Trench Warfare

This is the featured variation and it starts off with two ninja guards. A Super Cannon, a Flying Bomber and 3 ninja pawns can be dropped during the game.

Click here to start the Customize preset

- You can play the suggested games described in the description with this preset. See the piece set below.

View Game Logs for Pick the Piece Big Chess

The following pieces can be used in the customize preset. To use a piece not in this set, you must create a new preset.

Ninja Pawn
Flying Bomber
Super Cannon
Super Loony Rook
Insane Ninja/Insane Ninja Ice Queen/Insane Ninja Knight
Ninja Guard/Leaping Ninja Guard
Mad Leaping Bishop
Reverse Conjuror /Leaping Ninja Warrior
Reverse Sorcerer

Click here to start the Pick the Piece preset for Maces and Horse-apults

- The original game was developed by Gary Gifford. This is an experimental preset that probably differs greatly from the original despite using the same pieces.
You can try the following:
Use a war-mace and an Alfil-horse-apult to fill the empty spaces and drop 5 ninja pawns.
A War-Mace, in addition to moving 1 square any direction, jumps 2 squares orthogonally (jumps adjacent square) to land on an empty square. It cannot capture by replacement; its mace effect is same as original mace (swings at pieces adjacent to it).
The Alfil-horse-apult can move/capture 1 square in any direction. It can also jump 2 squares diagonally to an empty square. However,it cannot capture this way, it can only capture adjacent pieces. Its throwing action is same as original horse-apult.
The expanded moveset allows these pieces cover more space and to be brought out more quickly.
Ninja Pawns: They are immune to the mace similar to shield in Maces, Shields, and Horse-apults. See description of ninja pawns here.
Alternatively, perhaps for a more balanced game, , just use ONE REGULAR MACE instead of the War-Mace. And use one Alfil-horse-apult and 5 ninja pawns. This might actually work out to better since the power of the Mace may have been underestimated.

Players who like the action of the Mace might find the freezing mechanism of the Insane Ninja Ice Queen (can be played in the customizable preset) to be quite interesting as well.

Click here to play Preset with Ninja Guards in empty slots and ability to add 3 Ninja Pawns, 1 Flying Bomber and 1 Korean Chess Elephant/Knight!
Korean Chess Elephant/Knight Please note that the Korean Chess Elephant cannot leap like the zebra rep by icon shown, but must slide along a CLEAR path of 1 orthogonal followed by one OR two diagonal outwards .
Thus it must trace above path to get to the square leaped to by a knight or zebra.

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