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Jumping Knights Chess

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This chess variant is based on Peter Aronson's contest winning game Jumping Chess, in particular his notes to Subvariant (6). Knights have been replaced by Nightriders, which are better suited to a game where capture is accomplished by landing on a piece and continuing the move on to an empty square. War Machines (also called Scouts) have also been added to the initial setup.

Logs for Jumping Knights Chess

These are the usual chess pieces, subject to the unusual rules of this chess variant.

The Nightrider repeats the Knight's leap along a straight line. It may continue leaping like a Knight in one direction until it is blocked from further leaping.

The War Machine moves 1 square orthogonally or leaps 3 squares orthogonally. Greg Strong introduced this piece, calling it a Scout, in Brouhaha and Hubbub.

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