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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, John Smith.

Knight-Riding Chess


Same as FIDE Chess.


Same as FIDE Chess.


Same as FIDE Chess, except:

Non-Knight pieces may combine with friendly Knights by moving onto them.

Non-Knight pieces may split from Knights using their normal move. Pieces may not make their normal move without splitting.

The King may combine with a Knight during Castling.

Pawn-Knights may not make a two square move other than a Knight move or capture En Passant with a Knight move.

Pawns may move two squares orthogonally forward without jumping or capturing from the 2nd rank.

Pawn-Knights upon reaching the 8th rank promote to Bishop-Knights, Rook-Knights, or Queen-Knights.


It can be a tricky decision of what to promote to. Do you go for the powerful Queen or a Knight for your pieces to ride?

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By John Smith.
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