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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Divine Wind

It is a lot easier to set up an oriental M&S variant than the original.  Does the Maharajah go on the Quuenside or Kingside?  In shogi, that question doesn't exist.


Same shogi for the "invaders", only the jewelled genral for the "shogun"


Shogun- Moves as a chess queen or a knight to the two furthest forward spaces.


If the Shogun is captured, the invaders win.
The shogun can drop captured pieces.  They move as follows:
General/promoted lesser piece: King
Rook/Bishop: Queen
Pawn/Lance/Horse: Lance or Horse
When they are captured back,mthey return to normal.

If the General goes to his opponent's first three ranks, he loses the ability to move forward as a Knight


Okay, someone's definitely come up with this.

So consider this a deflection of credit.

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