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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Evan Koch.

Cotati Chess

I propose a variant rule called Cotati style chess, named after the town in California where I came up with the idea.  It is super simple.  It changes only ONE rule.






Instead of a "promotion," when a Pawn gets to the other side the player instantly and automatically wins.  

Note normal Chess rules must be followed. Therefore a player could not make a winning Pawn move (called breaching) while in check unless the move actually got them out of check,  Also, if such a move put them in check it would not be allowed.


It plays very nicely and gets rid of some of the nonsense, like a losing player fishing for a stalemate or an immature player building a harem (getting multiple queens).  Many Chess variants like GOTHIC or MILLENNIUM could be played Cotati style if the players agree.

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By Evan Koch.
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