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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, M Winther.

External Link: Neoorthodox Chess

The differences compared with orthochess are the extra corner squares (one square extra to the right for each player) and the extended castling rule. Besides normal castling one can choose to move the king three squares instead of two. The rook ends up on its usual square. The corner square provides a hiding nest for the king should the player want to invoke play on the same wing and advance with the pawns. The extended castle rule also makes play on the wings easier to achieve. Queenside castle becomes more attractive. The extra corner squares will enhance the strategical possibilities.

Neoorthodox Chess can also be played with an extra piece placed on the extra square. The Divaricator slides two squares and captures adjacent pieces by moving away at an angle. The Divaricator has the value of a bishop + pawn (my estimate). K + Divaricator versus K is won.

A Zillions implementation and more information is here.

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By M Winther.
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