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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Donald Cimics.

External Link: Multi-Dimensional Multi-Player (MDMP) Chess

MDMP Chess can be played with between 2 and 8 players. Each player starts on a half-board, which all face each other.  It looks like a 2D game at first glance, because only two half-boards are displayed at any given time, but one can change the display to see any combination of half-boards facing each other.  

Play can be with "classic" pieces that have the moves we are all familiar with, or "barbarian" pieces that have different moves, or some players can be classic while others are barbarians.  

The game has various options, chosen at the beginning of the game, for what happens if a player's king is captured.  Depending on the option chosen, the king may be removed from play or taken prisoner (with the possibility of liberation).  And depending on the option chosen, the king being captured may do nothing to the player's other pieces, may result in the player's other pieces being frozen, or may result in the player's other pieces being controlled by the capturing player.  There is also an option for having a resistance cell remain after the king is captured.

Or one can play with the laser option, in which the king is replaced by a laser, pieces can be rotated and have shields that absorb the laser or mirrors that reflect the laser.

A more detailed set of the rules can be reviewed by following a link on the main page linked here.

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By Donald Cimics.
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