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This page is written by the game's inventor, João Neto.

Promotions & Demotons

Good Work, sir! You were just demoted!

This game accomplishes, imho, a difficult task: create a potential good chess variant using just a very simple idea.


  1. The FIDE rules apply except in the following:
  2. The system of Promotions/Demotions respects the following ordering: P<N=B<R<Q.
  3. On odd turns, the moved (non king) piece is promoted. Queens cannot be promoted, so they cannot move on odd turns. This rule does not apply to typical FIDE promotions..
  4. On even turns, the moved (non king) piece is demoted. Pawns cannot be demoted, so they cannot move on even turns.
  5. A Bishop or Knight cannot move (and then demote to a Pawn) to the last rank.
  6. There is no en-passant.
  7. Castling affects the Rook.
  8. A stalemated player looses the game.

Sample Game

1. a4=B    e5=N
2. Ra3=B   B:a3=P
3. N:a3=R  Nf6=R
   and so on...
r n b q k . . r
p p p p . p p p 
.. . . . . r . .
.. . . . n . . .
B . . . . . . .
R . . . . . . .
.. O O O O O O O
.. . B Q K B N R

Written by Joao Pedro Neto. Web page posted by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: 13 Jul 2000. Last modified on: 13 Jul 2000.