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The information on this page is current as of December 2015.

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Hans Bodlaender

Hans L. Bodlaender was born on April 21, 1960, in Bennekom, the Netherlands. Already as a child, Hans had a big enthusiasm for chess, games, and chess variants, when he designed and played (usually unplayable) games with his brothers, and joined the chess club of Bennekom, the Netherlands.

Hans studied mathematics at Utrecht University and received a PhD on a thesis on computer science. He works as senior lecturer/researcher at the Institute of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University.

Hans is married and father of three children. He is a Christian.

His hobbies are chess (but he is not a good player), chess variants, other board and computer games, origami, coin collecting, walking (e.g., in the Dutch woods with his wife and/or children), skating, and inline skating. He also gives chess lessons to young chess players.

David Howe

Born in Rochester, New York, USA. Graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Currently lives and works in Rochester as a software engineer (or code slinger, take your pick) at the "Big Yellow Box". Currently is human for three cats, who let him live in the house as long as he keeps feeding them.

Has been an editor for the Chess Variant Pages since 1997, but hasn't gotten any better at designing new games. Currently plays chess variants once-a-week against the formidable Fergus Duniho.

Other interests: science fiction, programming, and digital photography.

Peter Aronson

Born in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA on April 15th, 1958. Got involved in wargaming in junior high school, started hanging around the MIT Strategic Gaming Association where he was exposed to role playing games as well.

Peter got himself a BS in Computer and Information Science from U/Mass at Amherst, and followed it up with a MA in Geography from SUNY Buffalo. While en route to his Ph.D., he stopped to work "a year or two" at ESRI, a company specializing in Geographic Information Systems software. That was in 1982 -- and he's still there, still programming.

Peter lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA with his wife Casceil, and his children Jenny and Alex.

Peter enjoys reading anything with words, playing games with his kids, designing and playing Chess variants (which he plays primarily by e-mail, and not particularly well), and tinkering with Zillions of Games.

Glenn Overby II

Born in Tawas City, Michigan, USA on March 12th, 1957. Glenn is a store manager for the Boy Scouts of America. He learned to play chess at age 4, and has been addicted to games ever since. His favorites include Carcassone, Formula De, History of the World, MechWarrior: Dark Age, Scrabble, and the Icehouse family.

Glenn attended Eastern Michigan University. He is a ward secretary in the Mormon church, and is also active in Starfleet International.

Glenn married the former Chrystal Sanders in May 2002. They live in Tilton, Illinois, USA.

Jean-Louis Cazaux

Born in Tarbes, France, on December 26th 1960.

Once student in Ann Arbor, University of Michigan (USA). Currently working for a satellite space company.

Live in Toulouse, France, with his Anne and his two kids, Adèle and Camille.

Board game enthusiast, chess variant inventor and author of a French book on the topic (Guide des échecs exotiques et insolites, released in January 2000).

Fergus Duniho

Fergus Duniho was born in Plattsburgh, New York, USA on April 23, 1967. He has long had a passing interest in Chess variants, which started growing stronger in 1998, shortly before the release of Zillions of Games. Fergus took to Zillions of Games like a fish to water, embarking on what has ever since been an avid hobby of playing and creating numerous Chess variants. This hobby has also been nourished by this website and by David Howe. Until 2002, Fergus and David both lived in Rochester, NY, where Fergus was working on his Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Rochester, which he completed in 2001. Between 1999 and 2002, Fergus and David regularly met to play Chess variants. Fergus now lives in Plattsburgh, NY.

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Peter Spicer

Peter Spicer was born in England, on October 1, 1983. Since then, he has spent far too much time attending schools and sitting in front of computers, especially playing chess.

He studies Computing, Business Studies and Economics at Lewes Tertiary College, England. Currently a college student, unemployed and single, he's more interested in building web pages and programs than people. (Clearly a Dilbert fan, then.) He also enjoys walking around Lewes and doing nothing in particular, usually trying to construct a good chess AI system (one that learns from its mistakes) but is currently unsuccessful.

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